This deck depends on your ability to quickly get to your opponents face, and utilizes Werewolves, Centaur Archers, Feles Trackers, Sylvi Rangers and Protege, Chief Hrafn, and Totems.

Deck ListEdit

Werewolf Howler x2

Werewolf Prowler X1 Epic or Better

Werewolf Fleshripper X1

Werewolf Steelclaws x2

Sylvi Protege x2

Sylvi Ranger x2

Sylvi Bladesoul x2

Centaur Archer x3 Rare or Better

Centaur Marksman x 1

Tengu Shadow Warrior x1

Chief Hrafn x1

Fenris the Butcher x1

Feles Tracker x2

Battle Drum x1

Halfblood Totem x1 

Tengu Assaulter x3

Skill Cards of your Class x4


The power of this deck comes from its werewolves, with the other creatures all serving to boost their power. The Werewolf Howlers are your advance units, as they have enough health and attack to quickly destroy any early game units with their low cost and high power. Once your opponent has an answer for your Howlers, deploy your Steelclaws followed by Sylvi Proteges and Bladesouls. The Steelclaws will triple the damage of your Proteges and Bladesouls allowing them to quickly dispatch any threats. If any creatures manage to get past this setup, your Tengu assaulters will be able to kill most low to mid health creatures, freeing up room for you to play a Werewolf Prowler or Fleshripper behind a centaur. The centaurs will weaken the enemy units, allowing your Prowler or Fleshripper to Sprint forward for the kill and become more durable in the process. To seal the deal, Chief Hrafn will make all of your units rush forward and take up enemy deployment space and begin dealing damage much faster. This is made more effective with a Halfblood Totem. Finally, Fenris the Butcher can kill any big threats the opponent plays, and should be used as an answer to large threats, rather than rushing forward to deal early damage. His rage ability makes him more useful to deal with units rather than killing a hero.


Allows all of your creatures to rush forward.

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