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    Castle of Bones part 2

    December 12, 2013 by Twillight2

    This is where only Key Tactic will win you the day AND Key Team.

    There's a multitude of problems here, so start with what kind of deck you need to bring:

    15 card deck to make it reliable. This doesn't seem much, but will bring you through this battle - IF you have the right one. What you'll need is these:

    - 6 to 9 Feles with Distraction ability. Make them high HP but low Attack. The low attack is needed for the AI casts Judgement regularly on you, and you need your troops to hold out as long as possible. So here you'll need actually LOW RANK cards! Place them to the upper row (Lane 1) exclusively to block the lane completely thus keeping them alive. Start puting them the back coloumn of the spawning pods if possible, because that means they'l…

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    Castle of Bones part 1

    December 12, 2013 by Twillight2

    This is one of the last challenges, providing one of the two necklaces in the game, this one being definitely harder to get, and not just for the battle itself (unfortunatelly there's only a slim chance assembling an able group, and even less to encourage them to make this challenge multiply times in a row (to everyone gain the special item at the very least).

    Stage 1 is scary, but as usual allows a more streightforward tactic.

    This time you'll face as primary problem a bounch of heroic cavalry busy chipping away your Bone Walls - what trust me on this will likely NOT respawn when reaching 0 HP this time.

    It is very important to dispose them as soon as possible, and that means you'll need a bounch of elf spearmen. Or anything else with spear.…

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    Map Area 9 part 2

    December 9, 2013 by Twillight2

    So we left at the 4th campfire, let's cntinue from there:

    It is interesting how much a pegasi + archer deck work differently from the previious pegasi + cavalry deck.

    I suggest fast things to be able to reach the nasty archers. And of courtse there's the problem of the pegasi... So maybe it would not be unreasonable to get a Chief Hfarnar to your deck ofr this if you can.

    Starts as the mini-version of Castle of Bones presenting lots of Heroe's Bane units, but at the later stages it gets much more complicated for three things: there are two unique legendary cards here, the more dangerous being Ryli the White Which. She single-handedly can drawn into blood your entire deck, so I feel lucky to have many werewolves.

    The other elite is equally anny…

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    Map Area 9 part 1

    December 7, 2013 by Twillight2

    Say good bye to the story, as that is no longer included :(

    Also note, that practically each and every campfire, and soon even every stage of every campfire might require a new deck. And the AI will mostly have legendary (5 star) cards. Scary.

    The reward for completing the area is also so left behind you don't believe (a Destruction set helm).

    The only good news here is, that the tip section is usually helpful. Won't make you win the stages, but will give you a general idea what deck you'll need to make.

    Also note, that the rewards are crap, although you'll probably need to passthis area to be able to participate in Castle of Bones (Centaur Generals).

    With that said, let's see the campfires:

    The start is relatively easy: templars, healer-priests…

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    Reputation means Race Reputation. You can gain these from different sources, namely:

    - use of cards

    - battling the Challenge Hall

    - reputation-bonus areas

    - tokens (bought in the Ascension Tower for ascension badges)

    The most basic way to gain reputation is the use of cards. Anywhere you use your cards you gain reputation. Above a certain level of reputations you only gain more reputation if you have certain level of cards (like 3-4-7 stars). Above a certain (very late) level you won't be able to gain any more reputation this way. The problem with this is, rising your crds to the end-highs is very hard, and the battles don't really flood you with reputations. Namely: the powergaming approach building your reputation only from this for maximum p…

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