Sorann the Unforgiving

Sorann the Unforgiving Awakened

Version 1.1-1.3
Race Elf elite icon Elf
Type Pikeman
Damage Type Melee Melee

Sorann the Unforgiving is the ultimate anti-rush unit. He is immune to all damage dealt by low countdown creatures, and also kills them with a touch thanks to his Disdain. His Nimble in combination with this makes him difficult to defeat easily, and vulnerable only to high countdown spells or creatures. Sorann the Unforgiving also possesses Vigilance, granting him reign over multiple rows. On Awakening, Sorann the Unforgiving gains extra health and Enmity, which makes him powerful even against higher countdown foes.

Card Details
Rank CD Attack Health Ability Ability

Star5 2 2 9 Vigilance
Star6 2 3 11 *See above
Star7 2 3 14 Vigilance

*NOTE: Fields that contain the text *See above means the effect remains the same until said otherwise.