Sanguine Tribe is a standard boss with two stages to fight through.

Overview Edit

Normal Hard
Hyde the Manic: ? HP / ? cards ? HP / ? cards
Clamour: ? HP / ? cards ? HP / ? cards
Shriek: ? HP / ? cards ? HP / ? cards
Unique Cards

Stage 1 Edit

Sanguine Tribe Hard Run - Kings & Legends!11:05

Sanguine Tribe Hard Run - Kings & Legends!

Boss Name:  Hyde the Manic

Description:  Boss plays legendary v 1.0 ogres and mage skills.



Troll+succubi:  15 card deck consisting only of thick headed trolls and succubi.

Lots of armored units and tanks backed with skills.

Infinite arma-15 card deck centered on heavy use of armageddon, conjure troops, nuwa, alexandra, and savior angels.

Stage2 Edit

Rise of Mythos - Sanguine Tribe with Deep Freeze and Charm strategy05:25

Rise of Mythos - Sanguine Tribe with Deep Freeze and Charm strategy

Boss names:  Shriek and Clamour

Shriek provides all of the skills while Clamour summons creatures.




Charm deck:  Requires at least one mage on the team.  The non-mages can bring regular decks.  The mage needs to bring 3x charm 3x meditation, 3x deep freeze, and fill with unicorns.

Infinite arma

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