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Rise of Mythos Official Trailer

  • Replace all jpgs with pngs.

  • Edit Human creatures. Done

  • Edit Elf creatures. Done

  • Edit Halfblood creatures. Done

  • Edit Undead creatures.

  • Edit Goblin creatures.

  • Edit Ogre creatures.

  • Edit Beast creatures.

  • Edit Dragon creatures.

  • Edit Angel creatures.

  • Reedit
  • Edit Demon creatures.

  • Add the new Demon cards.

  • Edit Outsider creatures.

  • Create pages of the regions. - In process
  • Add information of the battles. - In process
  • Add awakened creatures (completed by me, o1ispro, check out the new page:)
  • Add new cards (always in progress)
  • Please edit the creature pages so they fit the format outlined in Creature Template

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