Princess Sarya

Princess Sarya Awakened

Version 1.0
Race Undead elite icon Undead
Type Vampire
Damage Type Shadow Shadow

Obtainable through: PvP shop (1500 Pvp point), Victory pack.

When her ability Withering Aura is played in conjunction with Yumi Swiftshot's Deadly Reflex, most basic creatures summoned by the opponent will perish upon entering battle.  Her ability also works well with Undead King Bael's Call of the Undead King.

The biggest drawback Princess Sarya has is her very, very low HP. Unless you can protect her, using for example a Blessing: Sanctuary, or a creature with Martyr, she will most likely die soon after she is summoned.

On Awakening, she gets a decent stat boost and a large increase in Withering Aura's power.

Card Details
Rank CD Attack Health Ability Ability

Star5 7 1 4 Drain Life
Withering Aura 5
Star6 7 1 5 Drain Life
Withering Aura 6
Star7 7 2 8 Drain Life
Withering Aura 10
*NOTE: Fields that contain the text *See above means the effect remains the same until said otherwise.
Card bg Princess Sarya

Uncropped Princess Sarya

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