Class mage

Mages pursue the research of magical energy tirelessly, and their prime motivation is to increase the damage they can inflict. With a mere flick of their fingers, they can assume control of their enemies' forces.

-In-game Description

Mages are a class of hero. For becoming a mage, the player gets a Fireball spell.

Overview Edit

The Mage class excels at control. Mages have the highest mastery of all classes and deal entirely magic damage. They have many skills to disable enemy units allowing for stronger slower units to be used in battle.

Advantage Edit

+ good choice of AOE damage spells.

+ high mastery rates.

+ high benefit from Class reputation.

+ best in-game unit neutralizer.

+ perfect for countering rush.

+ has perhaps the most dominating skill in the game, Armageddon.

+ the class that has the easiest time beating Tower +46 levels.

Disadvantage Edit

- less useful in Castle of Bones stage.

- is more suited for slower and counter-rush decks.

PVP Preference Edit

+ equally good at all PVP forms.

+ great for 4vs4 for disabling Kings and other powerful cards.

+ great with slow decks heavy on skills.

PVP Deck Ideas Edit

+ counter rush. (skill and vigilance heavy)

+ slow. (lots of skills and powerful, hard to kill creatures)

+ Nimble. (heavy skill usage and Nimble elves with vigilance and thunderbolt)

+ Meditation cycle. (heavy use of skill and recycling them with Meditation to dominate field)

Boss Edit

+ great class overall, able to quickly seal off lanes or stop especially powerful creatures with a single card.

Skills Edit

Scorch Scorch
Deals N Fire damage to target enemy creature.
Fireball Fireball
Deals N Fire damage to target enemy creature. Damaged creature will take N Fire damage at the end of each turn.
Lightning Storm Lightning Storm
Deals Lightning damage randomly to each enemy creature within a 2x2 area.
Deep Freeze Deep Freeze
Target enemy creature cannot move, and takes 1 Frost damage at the end of each turn.
Blizzard Blizzard
Deals 2 Frost damage to each enemy creature. Damaged creatures cannot move for one turn.
Frost Nova Frost Nova
Deals N Frost damage to each creature within a 2x3 area. Damaged creatures cannot move for 1 turn.
Fog of War Fog of War
All creatures cannot attack for 1 turn.
Poison Fog Poison Fog
Each enemy creature within a 2x2 area will take 1 Shadow damage at the end of each turn.
Hermes' Wings Hermes' Wings
Target friendly creature gains +2 movement, and the following ability: Flying. Can pass over non-Flying creatures.
75px Meditation
Returns 2 random skill cards from your graveyard to your hand.
Weaken Weaken
Enemy creatures within a 2x2 area gain -1 Attack.
Petrify Petrify
Target creature loses all basic abilities, but gains +14 Life and the following ability: Wall. It cannot move or attack.
Purge Purge
Removes all positive effects from target enemy creature. That creature takes 2 Shadow damage for each effect removed this way.
Charm Charm
Gains control of a target enemy creature for 1 turn.
Armageddon Armageddon
Deals N Fire damage to each creature.

PvP Skills Edit

Blazing Blade Blazing Blade
Deal N Fire damage to an enemy creature, it will take N Fire damage each turn.
Revelation Revelation
Draws one card from your hero's deck.
Conjure Troops Conjure Troops
Keep drawing cards until your hand is full.
Debiliating Aura Debilitating Aura
All enemy creatures within a 2x1 area decrease 1 card rank. When impossible, they lose 6 Life.
Forgetfulness Forgetfulness
Enemy creatures within a 2x2 area lose all basic abilities for 2 turns.
Lightning Tempest Lightning Tempest
Deals N damage to creatures within a cross-shaped area, damage will be assessed for each creature.

Battlefield Skills Edit

Poison Swamp Poison Swamp
Places a 2x1 Poison Swamp battlefield. Non-flying creatures who pass this take 3 Shadow damage until they remain in it, and their movement is reduced by up to 3. Duration: 4 turns.
Cosmic Vortex Cosmic Vortex
Casts a Cosmic Vortex over a 2x2 area. Enemy creatures remaining in the Vortex lose 8 max health until they exit the Vortex.. Lasts 4 turns.
Hell Hands Hell Hands
Bring forth the Hands from Hell in a 2x2 area. Non-flying creatures lose all Movement when entering. Creatures within the Gate cannot heal and take 3 Fire damage each turn, Lasts for 3 turns.

Ultimate Skill Edit

Treachery Treachery
Charm all enemy creatures for 1 turn.

Specialists Edit

Snowy Owl

Snowy Owl

Sphynx Assyrio

Sphynx Assyrio

The Djinn

The Djinn

Warlock's Tower

Warlock's Tower

Blight Cockatrice

Blight Cockatrice

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