Pack elite

15000 Silver
98 Gold / Ruby

Elite pack is a normal pack containing basic cards of mid-range rarities. This pack unlocks when the player reaches level 20 or VIP 1.

The cards that can be found in the Elite pack are identical to the cards that can be found in the Standard pack. The main difference is the chance to find rare or epic cards, which is significantly higher in the Elite pack.

Cards in pack Edit

  • Version 1.0 cards only.
    • Contains Walls, Elf, Halfblood, Human, Undead, Beast, Goblin, Ogre and skills cards;
  • 2 or 3 Star2 cards, 2 to 4 Star3 cards, and a high chance of one Star4 card;
  • Epic cards can be elite or normal cards.
  • There is a very slight chance to get a legendary card, and it has been witnessed several times.

Cards in the Elite Booster Pack Edit

[Table with cards coming soon]

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