Damage Types in Rise of Mythos fall into 2 main categories: Physical and Magical.

Physical Types Edit

Melee Melee Edit

Melee creatures move as far as possible forwards before attacking. They usually have lower attack ranges than ranged creatures. Usually possess higher stats than ranged creatures.

Ranged Ranged Edit

Ranged, while physical, can sometimes change their attack element and effects. As long as their target is in range, Ranged creatures do not move forward before attacking.

Magical Types Edit

Fire Fire Edit

Fire damage can sometimes inflict effects that apply burning damage each turn.

Frost Frost Edit

Frost damage, sometimes referred to as Ice, can sometimes inflict effects that will freeze a creatures movement.

Lightning Lightning Edit

Lightning damage can sometimes inflict effects that will stun a creature.

Holy Holy Edit

All Holy damage cannot be reduced by abilities and effects. However, abilities with magic reflection will still succeed.

Shadow Shadow Edit

Shadow damage often causes damage based on a range of 0-200%. Abilities can sometimes inflict effects that cause damage each turn, similar to poison.

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