Blaze Adept
Version 1.5
Race Dragon normal icon Dragon
Type Fire Dragon
Damage Type Melee Melee
Right Arrow

The Blaze Adept is a gamble unit, who can summon anything from weak Flame Whelps to the almighty Kaelithus on her first turn. Upon epic rank, the creature she can summon can be Godlike.

Card Details
Rank CD Attack Health Ability Ability
Star1 2 1 1 Call Dragon
Star2 2 1 3 *See above
Star3 2 1 7 *See above
Star4 2 1 7 Call Dragon
Star5 2 3 8 *See above
Star6 2 4 9 *See above
Star7 2 6 9 *See above

*NOTE: Fields that contain the text *See above means the effect remains the same until said otherwise.