Pack angelS

5000 Silver
58 Gold / Ruby

Angel Standard pack is a normal pack containing basic cards of lower rarities. This pack unlocks when the player reaches level 13.

Angel Standard pack Edit


 Angel-Demon Pack

Cards in Angel Standard pack Edit

Card name Type Rarity Cards/Total Chance
Angel Angel Star1 3/50
Angel Angel Star2 2/50
Angel Protector Angel Star2 4/50
Angel Protector Angel Star3 4/10
Angel Lightbinder Angel Star3 0/10
Angel Lightbinder Angel Star4 1/10
Judge Aleksandra Angel Star4 0/10
Angelic Shield High Angel Star1 3/50
Angelic Shield High Angel Star2 1/50
Angelic Aegis High Angel Star2 2/50
Angelic Aegis High Angel Star3 2/10
Angelic Savior High Angel Star3 0/10
Angelic Savior High Angel Star4 0/10
Judge Caitlyn High Angel Star4 0/10
Angel Guardian Principalities Star1 2/50
Angel Guardian Principalities Star2 3/50
Angel Warder Principalities Star2 3/50
Angel Warder Principalities Star3 0/10
Angel Vanguard Principalities Star3 1/10
Angel Vanguard Principalities Star4 1/10
Judge Lenaya Principalities Star4 0/10
Heavenly Spear Virtues Star1 2/50
Heavenly Spear Virtues Star2 1/50
Heaven's Judgement Virtues Star2 5/50
Heaven's Judgement Virtues Star3 1/10
Heaven's Fury Virtues Star3 1/10
Heaven's Fury Virtues Star4 0/10
Judge Artimus Virtues Star4 0/10
Angelic Spirit Powers Star1 3/50
Angelic Spirit Powers Star2 2/50
Angelic Soul Powers Star2 2/50
Angelic Soul Powers Star3 0/10
Angelic Flame Powers Star3 2/10
Angelic Flame Powers Star4 0/10
Judge Martyn Powers Star4 0/10
Angelic Sheriff Dominion Star1 4/50
Angelic Sheriff Dominion Star2 4/50
Angelic Steward Dominion Star2 2/50
Angelic Steward Dominion Star3 0/10
Angelic Marshall Dominion Star3 2/10
Angelic Marshall Dominion Star4 0/10
Judge Raziel Dominion Star4 0/10
Virtuous Rider Ophanim Star1 2/50
Virtuous Rider Ophanim Star2 2/50
Virtuous Knight Ophanim Star2 3/50
Virtuous Knight Ophanim Star3 0/10
Virtuous Champion Ophanim Star3 0/10
Virtuous Champion Ophanim Star4 0/10
Judge Samael Ophanim Star4 0/10

The percentage is calculated by my experience opening this packs. New data is being updated every day.

Packs open so far: 10.

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